Talks to come

September 28 2020

First talk - Watermarking sonore : pour en finir avec le mythe de la stéganographie

Speakers - Olivier Cros (@DrSauerkraut )

"Watermarking sonore : pour en finir avec le mythe de la stéganographie", de celle-ci, déconstruire un peu les idéaux autour du sujet... puis ensuite présenter un cas d'usage concret sur le watermarking de fichiers audio avec de la stégano.

Second talk - Rump Session

Speaker - void ( )

  • HackerOne CTF retex - @Panda
  • Pwn the alarm - @Hexliath
  • Point sur l'asso - @Staff

Speakers wanted !

We are looking for speakers. Anybody with a subject related to IT security, feel free to shout us an email at Even new speakers are welcome ! We mainly focus on topics about Offensive Security. Here are some example categories, don’t worry if your talks doesn’t fit in any of them:

Submitted talks must contain a title, the language (french or english), a synopsis, the approximative length of the talk and the speaker’s name to display. We will not accept company talks such as recruitment speech or professionnal tool presentation.